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A partner at Boston-based hedge fund manager Granite Point Capital, Scott Bushley has 20+ years of financial industry experience and executive leadership.

Long-Short Investment Funds – Trading and Selling to Minimize Risk


Long-Short Investment Funds

Engaging as a partner with Boston-based Granite Point Capital, Scott Bushley guides the financial and operational activities of a hedge fund that provides diversified financial solutions. A fundamental approach of Scott Bushley’s firm is employing long-short investment strategies, with a focus on US companies that are mispriced in the markets.

Long-short funds are a specific type of hedge fund that focus on long positions in undervalued investments expected to increase in value. The invested equity is also employed as margin in opening a short position, which involves selling securities that are not owned.

The cash received from shorting the assets is placed into further long positions, such that the investment dollars at hand are leveraged. It also provides the fund manager with extra breadth in analyzing complex situations and tailoring approaches to exact market dynamics.

Another advantage of the long-short fund approach is that it is market neutral. Through selling and buying, the fund manager can avoid overexposure in volatile situations where upward and downward swings are common. Although this helps minimize risk for the investor, it can limit short-term returns to some extent.

The History of Triathlon as an Olympic Sport


Drawing on more than 20 years of investing experience, Scott Bushley functions as a partner with Granite Point Capital, where his responsibilities include counseling the firm’s managing partner on business operations, human resources, and office infrastructure. Scott Bushley has completed more than 25 running races and triathlons.

A relatively new international sport, the triathlon didn’t make its Olympic debut until the 2000 Sydney Games. Its roots can be traced back to the early 1970s, when the San Diego Track Club sought a less strenuous alternative to track training. The club organized a program that consisted of a 10K run, an 8K cycling segment, and a 500-meter swim, and soon thereafter, the triathlon began growing in popularity throughout the region.

The sport gained worldwide recognition in 1989, when the International Triathlon Union was founded and the first ever World Championships were held. The Olympic competition begins with a 1,500-meter swim and is followed by a 40K cycling segment and a 10K run. Simon Whitfield of Canada and Brigitte McMahon of Switzerland were the first-ever male and female gold medal winners, respectively, while Great Britain’s Alistair Brownlee is the only two-time Olympic champion, having won the gold medal in 2012 and 2016. Whitfield and Nicola Spirig of Switzerland are the only two others to win multiple medals.

Scott Bushley – Partner at Granite Point Capital in Boston

After he graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1996 with a bachelor of arts in psychology, Scott Bushley entered the financial-services industry as a sales and operations assistant with Deutsche Bank Securities in San Francisco. He rapidly expanded his professional purview to become an analyst and senior executive before his enrollment in the Boston College Carroll School of Management. While studying for his master of business administration in finance, Scott Bushley secured employment as an analyst in the Alternative Investments Division of Atlantic Trust, which has since rebranded as CIBC Private Wealth Management.

From 2007 to 2018, Bushley operated in various capacities for BNY Mellon Investment Management in Boston, including as its vice president of strategic business development, director of global distribution operations, head of global institutional and Americas operations, and head of business operations. Bushley has overseen finance and business operations as a partner with Granite Point Capital since late 2018.

Experienced Investment Executive Scott Bushley

The former head of business operations with BNY Mellon Investment Management in Boston, Massachusetts, Scott Bushley served the organization as both director of operations for global distribution and head of global institutional and Americas intermediary distribution operations. In 2007, he joined BNY Mellon, where he performed a range of asset management due diligence functions to vet potential corporate acquisitions as vice president of strategic business development. Scott Bushley began his financial services career as a financial analyst and sales manager. A resident of the Boston suburb of Cohasset, Massachusetts, Scott Bushley enjoys spending time with his three sons. He also coaches youth baseball, coordinates the Cohasset Major League, and serves as a board member for the Cohasset Youth Baseball and Softball Association. A dedicated athlete in his own right, Mr. Bushley has completed between 25 to 30 triathlons and footraces over the years. His favorite athletic activities at present include bicycling and snow skiing.