Record Participation for Little League Safety Program

Cohasset Youth Baseball and Softball Association

A Massachusetts-based investment-management professional, Scott Bushley guides finances and business operations at Granite Point Capital, in addition to participating in its monthly performance estimations and managing its fund services. Outside of his professional pursuits, Scott Bushley is a youth baseball coach who also serves as coordinator for the Cohasset Major League.

The Cohasset Major League is one of the four baseball leagues managed by the Cohasset Youth Baseball & Softball Association, which falls under the Little League umbrella. As the largest youth sports program in the world, Little League boasts millions of registered players and in excess of 1 million adult volunteers in any given year.

In addition to building character, courage, and loyalty among its players, Little League works to ensure the safety of all its players. One of the ways in which it accomplishes this is through its A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP). In its 24th year of existence, ASAP was employed by 94 percent of US Little League programs in 2019. ASAP, sponsored by AIG Insurance and Musco Lighting, has reduced injuries by 80 percent since its implementation. Moreover, leagues that have the program enjoy lower insurance costs.